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We're Only Alive for A Short Amount of Time

Anspacher Theater

June 13 - July 14

Estimated running time: 85 minutes

Written and Performed by David Cale
Lyrics by David Cale
Music by David Cale and Matthew Dean Marsh
Directed by Robert Falls

In a co-production with Goodman Theatre

A joyous affirmation that we needn't be defined by our pasts – The Hollywood Reporter

An exorcism of pent-up human emotion – TheaterMania

It’s unblinking and curious, vulnerable and open-hearted – New York Magazine

Cale delivers a soul-baring performance, a purging of demons in real time – The New Yorker

Lortel Award-winning writer/performer David Cale (Harry Clarke) returns to The Public in his musical memoir of hope, family, and transcendence. Under the direction of Tony Award winner Robert Falls (Death of a Salesman) and featuring a six-piece orchestra, WE'RE ONLY ALIVE FOR A SHORT AMOUNT OF TIME reflects on Cale’s memories of growing up, escaping his parents’ fraught marriage by singing in his bedroom, and tending to birds in his backyard animal hospital. Until one day things change.



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WE’RE ONLY ALIVE FOR A SHORT AMOUNT OF TIME is made possible with a philanthropic contribution from piece by piece productions.

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Scenic Design Kevin Depinet
Costume Design Paul Marlow
Lighting Design Jennifer Tipton
Sound Design Mikhail Fiksel
Arrangements and Music Direction Matthew Dean Marsh

Production Stage Manager Hannah Woodward
Stage Manager Lily Perlmutter

Music Director/Piano Matthew Dean Marsh
Viola Josh Henderson
Harp Tomina Parvanova
Cello Jessica Wang
Trumpet John Blevins
Clarinet Tyler Hsieh

Background Image Photo Credit: Liz Lauren, courtesy of Goodman Theatre

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